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Professional Carpet Cleaning & Gardening Services Throughout Gloucestershire

Upholstery Cleaning
  • we use our powerful hoover to make sure your sofa is free from loose dirt.
  • After we are confident your sofa is loose dirt free, we then pre-spray the whole sofa with a special solution which will help lossen any stubborn stains.
  • We then agitate and scrub the sofa to lossen the dirt fully.
  • We use an upholstery hot water extractor with water and with the help from the vapour we collect all the dirt and stains to leave your sofa fresh and clean. we then leave your sofa to air dry which does a take a few hours.
  • Duration varies • Prices Start From £30
We are trained to clean upholstery, from sofas, chairs, curtains, and mattresses, we always try our best and take as long as it needs to get the best results.
Carpet Cleaning
Duration varies • Price varies give us a message or call.

Low moisture carpet cleaning for domestic and commercial property, quick drying and fast service, reliable, honest and caring about what we do. We are different from the other company’s out there.

Here at Cheltenham Encap Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves with being different than your usual Carpet Cleaning, we deal mainly in low moisture carpet cleaning also known as encapsulation cleaning.

This method has many advantages here are just a few…

  • It dries in 30 minutes ( it really does)

  • We can lift the pile of the carpet in traffic areas

  • We can restore the look

  • We include bacteria treatment ( most charge extra)

  • We include odour treatment ( most charge extra)

  • We include stain treatment ( most charge extra)

  • We include stain protection ( most charge extra)

  • No need to worry about over wetting which can cause lots of problems

  • We use a PH 7 ( neutral) Chemical so will not damage your carpet

  • Fully Trained staff

  • Consultants

  • What we quote is what you pay nothing more.

we know what we are doing, some cheaper company’s really do not have clue and use house hold products to clean your carpets! Some over wet you carpets which can look fantastic until it dries and leaves brown patches and stains, also it can cause smells and mould….SO WHY TAKE THE RISK ??

spot/stain removal
Duration varies • Prices vary, give us a message or call.

We have a few different methods to get rid of nasty stains, we will always try our best to deal with the stains, the quicker you book in with us the more likely the stain will be completely removed.